The 2016 Ann Arbor Tango Marathon is Complete!

What is a secret to a successful tango marathon? A lot of thinking, planning, trial and error, thinking and planning again,very hard work, very little sleep, stress, more stress, dozens and dozens of
e-mails to write and to answer, saying “no” when you want to say “yes”, overwhelming fear of “what if something goes wrong”, dealing with things that go wrong( like a broken toilet, “out of coffee” emergency, police showing up at the door, floor is too sticky, floor is too slippery, powder everywhere), feeding everybody but being too busy to feed ourselves, aching to dance but having no time or energy, and thinking of never ever ever doing this again while at the same time taking notes and planning details for the next year! So, why do we do it? Because after all is said and done, it is a labor of love! And the end result is so worth it!

But no matter how hard we’ve worked, we wouldn’t get anywhere without help and support from our community and beyond!!! We bow in deep gratitude to Irene Hochgraf Cameron, Justin Tesmer, Ellen Gwozdek and Edmond Bardhi for being our ambassadors outside of A2 and doing their magic to bring and host so many wonderful dancers and to all local dancers who so generously opened their homes to accommodate them! To Justin Tesmer, our gifted photographer, for capturing the spirit of AATM on and off the dance floor in his beautiful and soulful pictures! To Matt De Genaro, our webmaster, for our elegant website design, and his time and patience with our never ending add-ons! To Marco Bruschtein, our music guru, for providing and setting up the state-of-the-art sound system! Marco, you always go above and beyond, we can’t thank you enough! To Esther Wertz for her calm presence in any crisis, her belief in us and her help all weekend long from beginning to end! To Avik Basu and Alexa Lee for their first class hospitality to our out-of-town DJ’s and their guests! To Delta Leeper for making delicious tortillas for Saturday brunch and for her incredible ability to be at several places at the same time, to finish all the tasks and yet again ask: “Is there anything else I could do to help?” To Matt Keating for his enthusiasm and willingness to do whatever it takes to make Ann Arbor great again! He wore so many hats, we lost count! To Cindy Kasenow for making the deeply loved blueberry french toast for Saturday brunch every year, even though she doesn’t dance tango! To Richard Julian for spoiling us with two beautiful and delicious cakes on Saturday and catering a sensational brunch and turkey wraps for dinner from his Julian Brothers Bakery on Sunday! To Devon Thomas, Harish Ganesh, Ozgun Ulupinar, Aline Godfroid for help with setup, door duty and kitchen tasks, all with a smile! To Brian Martis for help with brunches and for surprising us with cappuccinos from Starbucks! That was so kind and thoughtful! To Vlad Leshchenko for coming to our rescue with “out of coffee” emergency, video recording and for many hours of door duty, so we could focus on other things and dance some too! To Tatiana Tretyakova for whisking 6 dozens of eggs by hand for brunch because we didn’t pack a mixer! To all kindhearted people, who helped to set up the chapel for service on Sunday and the final cleanup on Monday morning! And finally to all fabulous DJ’s and dancers for coming to AATM and sharing your love for tango! Let’s do it again in 2017!

Yelena and Yelena

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