Here are some of the Facebook comments about 2016’s Marathon

…After one week there and one more week of traveling we are now back home and I still thinking about the amazing time we had in Ann Arbor and AATM such a beautiful place, sooooo many dear friends all together in the same place and so many special moments! Yelenas, Justin, Irene, Ellen, Edmond, Marco and all the other volunteers and our hosts Avik and Alyssa, you girls and guys absolutely rock!!! We are officially in love with you and your community 🙂

… Crazy beautiful jam sessions, books and LPs and fairy houses everywhere. Alien pumpkins, brocoliny, blue potatoes and puff balls. Amazing cocktails, turning autumn leaves and the most delicious dessert ever! Endless hugs and so much love

…I’m always amazed at how time distorts before, during, and after an event like this one. When organizers (like the amazing Yelenas!) bring together friends and strangers from near and far, something magical happens. We group together and share a singular passion, creating with and around one another.

…Feeling eternally grateful (and a little sappy) for my place in this tangopolis, and my ability to create art every day with the people I meet! Thank you to all of the delightful folks who made this event possible, and I so look forward to the next opportunity we have to visit our Ann Arbor neighbors:)

…Although I could not stay for the third and final day of Tango…the two days that I did have were nothing short of amazing. It was so humbling and intimidating to participate in such a wonderful event. Such a lovely city and hosts. I would have been content to just watch and record all the perfect followers and leaders. My first time at The AATM and I already would like to register for next year. I wasn’t even supposed to attend due to the capacity level. Thanks to everyone involved with this wonderful event. Thank you for allowing me to attend and apologies to those I may have offended with my dancing and etiquette. You all are truly Angelic.

…Jani Autio shared his album: Ann Arbor Tango Marathon 2016.

…TANGLOW!!! Still floating… thank you everyone who organized, volunteered, hosted, welcomed, attended, danced, smiled, and hugged. I had SUCH an incredible time. Epic.

…Thank you all for the warm welcome in Ann Arbor! It was an excellent weekend, from the music to the dancers to the food and friends and beyond! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you to Yalena and Yelena for the hard work and all the volunteers that supported their vision! To our hosts Alexa and Matt, we couldn’t have felt more taken care of! Thank you! We will ride this high for a while!


…After my previous visits to Ann Arbor and a glance at the participant list, I could not help but leave for this event with very high expectations, well aware that the secret to happiness is having low expectations. The wonderful news is that it did not hurt one bit! A huge thank you to everyone who over delivered: Yelena & Yelena, the DJs, cooks, photographers, all lovely dancers and friends, all other volunteers and those who generally make Ann Arbor the most amazing and welcoming community.

…I’m swooning from how incredible this event was. I’m so proud of our community and our organizers. I still can’t entirely wrap my head around how many stunningly beautiful, talented, and gracious dancers there were in one room. The energy was perfect, the music was perfect, and the instant gratification of seeing all the photos right away is fantastic.

I also want to thank our fellow community members for being so hospitable, we definitely couldn’t have fit all 50 people who were looking for hosts into our living room…

…Thank you Ann Arbor for making this such an amazing tango weekend for many of us! Beautiful leaders and followers, tangueros y tangueras, filled the Campus Chapel with magical energy. It was truly a pleasure being part of this tango enchanted time, space and people. Abrazos para todos 😘

…I am beginning my journey back home now and I am still in a wonderful, lovely, amazing, tango cloud. This marathon has been super cozy and magical from beginning to end! Thank you to everyone that had something to do with creating such an amazing atmosphere, from DJs to organizers, to volunteers, to all the lovely dancers. My feet and body aches, but my heart is happy! Until next time, Ann Arbor!

…Very Happily exhausted bunch of dancers heading back home! Organizers, thank you for this wonderful marathon, we leave with happy feet, a heart filled with emotions and the wish to stop time in those warm abrazos!
Thank you friends for the laughters, the hugs the conversations… The dances! This is why we leave everything behind and drive hours and hours… For you bunch of crazy people! 😍
A la prochaine!

…Cannot think of any other event more charming, cozy and non-chalant yet classy than AATM – heart-felt thank you to everyone who was a part of this weekend(organisers, volunteers, DJs, local community, hosts, dancers from near and far) and a part of the magic called Ann Arbor Tango Marathon! And it was a very special pleasure for me to DJ at this event because of the place in my heart that belongs to Ann Arbor and its people!
P.S.And special thank you to all the beautiful leaders who made me forget about my leading shoes :0)

…There was no better place than a Chapel to set such an elevating experience. I feel connected with the soul of the whole humanity! Thanks to the minds and the bodies behind this. If singing is praying twice, tango was praying hundreds!


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