Here are some of the facebook comments about 2014’s Marathon

Thank you for the memorable weekend!! Great dancing, music, and atmosphere. Until next time …

WOW! What a weekend in Ann Arbor! Beautiful fall colors, great friends and tango! Yes, My heart is happy and my feet are tired! A huge Thank you to all the organizers. Ladies ALL of you did a wonderful job! Thank you also to all the Dj’s who kept us all dancing the entire weekend!
Already looking forward to next year!

Awesome wonderful wonderful! Still recounting all of the yummy, funny, dreamy, comfy moments of the weekend. Thanks to the organizers for all of your hard work!

Thank you, thank you Ann Arbor for the always warm welcome and a good time

So many “behind the scenes” people to thank: Justin, for documenting the event most beautifully, Matt for the website, Richard, Marianne and Cindy for the food, Marco for the sound, and our hard working volunteers: Hagit, Fabian, Ellen, Edmond, Sanjay, and Karen for setting up and clean up.
And, for all of you that spread the word throughout your communities.
We could not have done it without your support.

Many marathon organizers can learn a few things from this event, very well done

I’m dealing with the usual post-Ann Arbor blues which include being ridiculously tired after only 3 hours of sleep and feeling AA tango withdrawal. THIS event was my favourite tango event I’ve been to. Beautiful venue, great brunch and snacks, amazing hosts, and AWESOME dancers. I you Ann Arbor tango. Thank you!!!

Ann Arbor, I am in love with you. My body is cringing from AATM withdrawal. This past weekend has been my most memorable tangoesque experience, yet. And I definitely hope to be back for more. THANK YOU for such an unforgettable weekend!

Thank you ALL that made this Marathon so amazing!!! The venue, the music, all of my wonderful leaders and even one the most wonderful follower and the FOOD was out of this world!

Thanks to all the organizers for such a fabulous event, all the DJs for the fantastic music, Justin for the nice photos, and the wonderful crowd who brought so much energy to the floor. Also, many thanks to all the leaders who shared the moment with me.
Special thanks to Father Hernan for the great music at the Sunday afternoon mass. I feel my soul is sanitized from all my sins. mmmm… tango bliss…

I have such a tango hangover, this morning…
We could not have done it without you all! Our amazing Ann Arbor Tango Community, the visiting dancers from near and far, the inspiring DJs, the sound guy, and our friends that cooked all the food.
I’ve already talked to the Pastor about booking the Venue for next year.

It was so good to see all of you. I had a Mighty Time by dancing in the room full of my good friends and partners. It must be something in the air of the worship chapel. Hear me out
:I found my calling.
Ladies, I adore all of you. Such a hard work to please us. And all of it with a smile.
I miss all of you.
Hugs and kisses.

kind of in denial that this weekend is over :0) it was soooooo so good guys and better!!!! the best tango-weekend (and dances) i’ve ever had!! thank you all who contributed work to make this happen! looking forward to next year already!

¡Gracias! My head was playing tango during my dreams after yesterday’s milonga!!!!

What a stunning event! Thank you organizers and volunteers, and all my lovely leaders…I’m going home with a happy, full heart.

Well that was great! Thanks to everyone that traveled here to dance and make merry =-).
Its a wrap folks, a good rap…

charging myself with gallons of coffee after the most superb saturday night and ready for MOOORRRE!!!! last day, peeps!!! not one tanda should be missed!!!!

LOVED the venue! Excellent flooring and space. Great job to all the volunteers!

The food was awesome. Thank you Ann Arbor! Full of energy and ready to dance!

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